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  • Infila Needle Threader
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    Infila Needle Threader


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    This gorgeous little machine is one of my favorites.  So simple, so neat, lovely design and so incredibly effectie.  I have good eyesight, but I can still find threading a needle a challenge, particularly once I have bitten the thread rather than given it a clean cut.  INFILA is the automatic needle threader suitable for both large wool-type needles and thin ordinary ones. You can thread any type of needle in a flash even with your eyes shut!

    If you are looking for a way to save your frustration.  Hear it is. The Truly Brilliant Infila Automatic HAND Needle Threader. 

    It is very, very easy to use. There are two ‘funnels’ (one for an ordinary needle and one for a large one) in which you place the needle, eye down. Next you lay the thread in a gulley next to the funnel and push a button. Believe it or not, the thread pops through the needle eye in a twinkle of your own eye! - pure magic. If you want to thread multiple threads, you can do this one at a time, or all together it really doesn’t matter.

    It will take you no time at all to thread a needle with the INFILA.  As I said - my favourite gadet of all time.

    The infila works by pushing a small metal plate through the needle eye. If you are using very fine embroidery needles or quilting needles then these are simply to small and the threader will not work. To check this, use one of the needles that came with the infila and drop it into the white funnel, eye down and with the infila flat on the table. Gently slide white button across and hold it in place. You should now see the metal plate sticking out of the side. This plate will have gone through the needle eye and if the thread was there, should have threaded the needle.

    The needle is now threaded, pull the cotton through so that the short end comes out completely.  Then pull the needle out.  You are done.  Complicated instructions for an extremely uncomplicated tool.  

    Love it or your money back.  Isn't that what they say?  I am confident you will be very happy with this.



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